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Established in 1968, NBSCETT / SttagN-B is New Brunswick’s independent certifying body for engineering/applied science technicians and technologists. Certification is accomplished by a Certification Board which includes a panel of technical experts from varied disciplines. The Board evaluates applications and recommends certification to the Society Council of engineering/applied science technicians and technologists who meet recognized national benchmarks in education and experience.

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NBSCETT / SttagN-B's application process

Who to contact


Mail: 102 Main Street, Unit 12B, Fredericton, NB Canada E3A 9N6

T: (506) 454-6124

F: (506) 452-7076

Tollfree: (800) 665-TECH

Processing Times

Reciept of application confirmation sent immediately. Application review, if submision is complete, receipt in 6 to 16 weeks.


$275 (New Member), $150 (Reclassification)


A complete, documented record of your education must be provided.
Scans or copies of diplomas or certificates must be submitted with the application (no originals please).
Technology Graduate in Training members in good standing, who have previously provided a copy of their diploma, do not need to send it again.
If you did not receive a diploma, but completed one or more subjects at college, include a transcript of marks awarded. This can be obtained by contacting the college.

Include a comprehensive description of your present position, not just the company “job description” – The Certification Board can only evaluate your technical experience based on the information you provide.
For previous technical positions also include a detailed description, including duties and responsibilities.

The certificate awarded does not specify disciplines of applied science or engineering technology; however, to assist in selecting suitable programs of study/examination for those who do not possess the full educational requirements, state your chosen Discipline/Option where requested in the application form.

NBSCETT Professional Practice Exam (Ethics)

Graduates of nationally accredited programs of the New Brunswick Community Colleges (NBCC) have completed the Society’s Professional Practice and Ethics course and examination, therefore not requiring additional testing. All applicants who have not graduated from a NBCC program must write the Professional Practice and Ethics examinations as part of the NBSCETT / SttagN-B certified membership application process.

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New Brunswick

New Brunswick is the largest of Canada's three Maritime provinces. It is located under Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula and beside the State of Maine. New Brunswick was one of the first provinces, along with Ontario, Québec and Nova Scotia, to join together to form the Dominion of Canada in 1867

Apply for certification in New Brunswick

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Apply for certification in New Brunswick

Apply for certification in New Brunswick