Provincial Associations

Provincial Associations

Certification and registration of technicians and technologists in Canada is the responsibility of each province.

Choosing the province or territory in which you intent to live and work is an important decision that you will need to make as you progress through the application process. Many applicants will already know the province or territory in which they will be living and working and consequently which professional association will process their application. Regardless of the province or territory you select, the certification requirements are essentially the same. Your certification and registration as a technician or technologist in one province is recognized in all provinces. If  you decide to move from the province or territory of your registration, labour mobility agreements greatly simplify the transfer process. 

Questions to consider

  1. In which province or territory do I want to live? 



  2. Are there employment opportunities where I intend to live?

  3. Am I fluent in the official language of the province or territory?


  4. Am I aware of the climate and geographic conditions in the province or territory in which I intend to live and work? 

Select a Province to begin

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