Technology disciplines and profiles

Technology disciplines are similar to the technology and applied science programs offered in post-secondary education institutions. There are approximately 20 disciplines including civil, chemical, electrical, environmental, mechanical, surveying and geomatics.  

Technician and technologist disciplines for certification are very similar to the Canadian National Occupation Classification (NOC) system major occupation group NOC 22 Technical occupations related to natural and applied sciences.

You will need to select a discipline to complete your application for certification. 


Technology disciplines and profiles

2251 Architecture and Building
2241 Biomedical
2221 Bioscience
2221 Biotechnology
2211 Chemical
2231 Civil
2281 Computer Systems
2241 Electrical
2241 Electro-Mechanical
2241 Electronics
2263 Environmental
2223 Forestry
2233 Industrial Engineering
2283 Information
2243 Instrumentation
2225 Landscape Horticulture
2232 Marine
2232 Mechanical
2212 Mineral Resources
2232 Naval architecture
2255 Petroleum and Gas
2254 Survey / Geomatics