Getting your certification started

Getting your certification started

Technicians and technologists achieve professional recognition through certification and registration by provincial associations.

Professional technology associations are responsible for granting certification based on national standards of competence. Inter-provincial labour mobility for certified and registered technicians and technologists in Canada is made possible in part through the national standards.

Steps to getting certified

  1. Determine if you are eligible.

  2. Select discipline.

  3. Identify certification level.

  4. Select province.

Benefits of certification

Many employers require applied science and engineering technicians and technologists to be certified or prefer to hire those who are certified and registered. Certified technicians and technologists enjoy competitive salaries and stable careers. With Canada facing a shortage of nearly 20,000 technology professionals, being certified and registered with a technology professional association provides an added advantage to successful employment.

Certification is valued by employers seeking competent, reliable professionals.

Technology professionals work in over 20 disciplines and hundreds of occupations.

Employment in public or private enterprises and self-employment opportunities are available.

Upgrade your skills

Upgrade your skills

Depending on your career goals, many opportunities exist to upgrade your knowledge, skills and abilities on a part-time or full-time basis through colleges, institutes, polytechnics and universities. Continuing your professional development is an important indicator of professionalism.